Straddling bus

The following report is from New China TV: The TEB uses a system of hub-mounted motors for propulsion. During emergencies, commuters can escape via evacuation slides similar to those in planes, he said.

Straddling bus is completely powered by municipal electricity and solar energy system. Here I introduce the most advanced escaping system in Straddling bus world.

Inthe sales of passenger cars passed 20 million and Straddling bus 7. While the initial design looked to require a track, it would seem improvements in battery technology since have minimised the reliance of the TEB on a constant power source. This all sounds like a sound enough idea, but this straddling bus concept has toyed with us before.

The final nail in the coffin for the dream of the straddling bus came at the start of this month when police investing the scam removed the bus from the remains of the test track. How to develop environmental-friendly public transportation? The Contemporary Business View also found that the company's branch in Nanjing was suspected of illegal fund-raising last year, after it offered rates as high as 16 per cent.

The manufacturing and construction lead-time is also much shorter.

China unveils 'straddling bus' design to beat traffic jams

One is remodeling the road, the other is building station platforms. According to Southern Weekly, a Guangzhou-based newspaper, the trial runs were canceled due to allegations that the company had misled local governments, and that Song had not fully demonstrated the feasibility of the design.

To modify the road for the bus, two options are available: They will board and alight at stations at the side of the road with platforms at the bus floor height similar to stations of an elevated railwayor via stairs descending through the roof of the bus from a station similar to a pedestrian overpass.

The Global Times newspaper even went as far as to warn that the project "could be a financial fraud". The set here is super capacitor, a device that can charge, discharge and store electricity quickly.

When will it launch No date has yet been set for a completed TEB system. TEB looks to have utilised an unusual braking system because of it wheel hub motor drive.

Straddling bus aims to clear the roadblock of criticism

Furthermore,the design is environmentally friendly. The video also showed people being transferred in pod-like elevators to specially built elevated bus stops. Soon after the inaugural test run of the so-called "straddling bus" in Qinhuangdao, a seaside city in northern Hebei province, on Tuesday, Chinese media and netizens asked many questions: As the inside of the wheels are already filled with an electric motor a traditional brake system would not work.

A recently unveiled design concept for a "straddling bus," which lets cars drive underneath, can not only save road space but also help reduce air pollution.

The bus will be electrically powered using overhead lines or other roof electrical contact systems designed for it, supplemented with photovoltaic panels, batteries, or supercapacitors on board.

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on August 06,with the headline 'Straddling bus aims to clear the roadblock of criticism'. Mr Song first unveiled the concept at a Beijing exhibition inbut doubts about the project led to the cancellation of a trial run.

The bus is 6 m in width and Yet it was brought back to the public again. The image is as terrifying as it is thrilling: Print Edition Subscribe Topics: The company came under media scrutiny following the unveiling of the first prototype of the Transit Elevated Bus TEBa vehicle designed to glide over cars passing beneath it.On the wrong tracks: China's 'straddling bus' and other bizarre transport ideas Read more According to Statista, in China’s vehicle population was m – up from m five years previously.

· A Beijing company is planning to move ahead with a track-based bus system that allows cars to pass underneath, an idea aimed at easing air pollution and A boom in car sales has caused traffic mayhem in many of China's major cities.

China’s Straddling Bus

One company wants to improve the situation — by putting even more people on the road. But rather than add more cars.

Futuristic straddling bus drives over cars

The Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) (simplified Chinese: 巴铁; traditional Chinese: 巴鐵; pinyin: Bā Tiě) was a proposed new bus concept where a guided bus straddles above road traffic, giving it the alternative names such as straddling bus, straddle bus, land airbus, or tunnel bus by international media.

· The so-called “straddling bus” was held up as a solution to China’s notorious traffic problems, but all anyone wanted to talk about was how it looked like the bus was eating cars, or how  · The 2m-high Transit Elevated Bus took its inaugural test run in the streets of Hebei, much to the amazement of Chinese

Straddling bus
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