Essay on modernization of agriculture

The technology of cultivation has changed substantially with the spread of high-yielding varieties and the extension of irrigation, Essay on modernization of agriculture change which was facilitated by the elaborate network of agricultural research and extension set up during the planning era.

It involves a change from simple, traditional techniques such as hand-weaving toward the use of scientific knowledge and technology, for example, power-looms. It belongs to the humanity as a whole. The key to understanding Modernisation lies in thinking of it as a set of change that affect the whole society.

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Agriculture is of extreme importance for the progress of developing country like India. Land holdings available for farming are very small and scattered. The development of mass communication including newspapers, periodicals and magazines, T. Feudal system of relations prevented countries from a gradual and progressive development, made unable the development of market relations and establishment of equal opportunities for international trade.

What conditions lead to modernisation? The use of the new technology based on high yielding varieties and fertilisers spread rapidly only after Modern science and technology is changing very fast. Economy of this nation depends on the agricultural productivity. Some data on the indicators of modernisation in agriculture are presented in the growth in irrigation is a common feature which runs through the plans though the pace of expansion in recent years is far higher than before.

Due to unavailability of canal irrigation in the country, most of the farmers of different parts depend on rainy season.

But in democracies, however, the press is often given sufficient independence to express its views. Agriculture should be established on a co-operative basis. Their people go back nearly 59, years, compared to 13, years for most of the people of this planet. Several changes have taken place in agricultural credit and marketing.

These changes are many and complex.

Modernization and Indigenous Cultures

In fact Russia achieved nearly the same results as "old Europe" but in several decades, while for European states it took centuries.

He is not much carried away by the traditional influence. He is ready for new experiences and ideas. Urbanisation and industrialisation are the two interrelated processes that are assumed to be variably linked up with modernisation.

Chapter 2 examines the effects of the Great Depression on out-migration from farms, and how those effects vary across different groups of agriculturalists. For the modernization of agriculture, scientific methods should be applied.

Modernization of agriculture essays

How to modernize the agriculture? We show that the option to move to farms serves as informal insurance during times of economic crisis, and that modernization in the agricultural sector reduces the ability of the land to provide this insurance function.

Modernization of Indian agriculture

Now our task is to identify the characteristics that are common to more developed societies. We also provide evidence that the introduction of formal unemployment compensation reduces the movement to farms later in the decade.

The fact that these barriers have been overcome to an extent is one of the major successes of our planning effort. University education may increase the number of students with degrees without an increase in the number of people with modern skills and attitudes.

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Still people like Arnold Anderson feel that formal education is not sufficient for teaching skills. The nationalistic ideologies serve as unifying influence in bridging social cleavages within plural societies.

Ainu is comparable to many indigenous peoples in the world. Hence, farmers are required to educate through proper mass media like television, newspaper or radio. Multipurpose projects are being built in all the states of India. Does racism still exist in america today essay Does racism still exist in america today essay.

Relatively greater measure of public participation in the polity — or at least democratic representation in defining and choosing policy alternatives. Zamindari and other intermediary tenures have been almost eliminated.

How to modernize the agriculture? Thus, the process of modernisation includes in itself the gradual development of a vast new system of social structures and psychological traits.

In agricultural marketing, the dominant role of the Food Corporation of India in foodgrain trade and the growth of marketing and processing cooperatives have helped both farmers and consumers. Essay on brother marriage keep Essay on brother marriage keep research papers database migration service.For the modernization of agriculture, scientific methods should be applied.

Short Paragraph on Modernization of Agriculture in India

Qualitative seeds, chemical fertilizers and pesticides should be made available to the Indian farmers. Qualitative seeds, chemical fertilizers and pesticides should be made available to the Indian farmers.

Essay on Modernisation

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Modernization of Indian agriculture

Apr 09,  · Modernization is a tendency toward rationalization, that is, various uses of reason to control and overcome nature and the environment. The process of modernization begins in the Western world; it is a broad historical process of changes that takes the birth of industrial civilization as its origin and impetus, and contains.

ADVERTISEMENTS: Read this comprehensive essay on Modernisation, it’s meaning theory and characteristics. Modernisation and the aspirations to modernity are probably the most overwhelming theme which has engaged the attention of sociologists, political scientists, economists and many others.

"Modernization Of Agriculture" Essays and Research Papers Modernization Of Agriculture Future of Modernization Axia College of University of Phoenix Modernization is a worldwide phenomenon, which is directly linked to whether or not a society is industrialized.

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Essay on modernization of agriculture
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